Empowering women to reclaim their health 

with an integrative mind, body and spirit approach.
Addressing the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.
"Healing without side effects"
My Women's health clinic is based in Brisbane and is predominantly telehealth, enabling me to work with clients Australia wide as well as those based
in the United Kingdom.

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20 minute anxiety

support appointment

Are you becoming overwhelmed, stressed & anxious regarding the current global situation?

Need help and support?

But short of time?

Due to high demand I am pleased to offer an express 20 minute appointment, where we shall assess and provide support for your nervous system utilizing herbal and nutritional supplementation.

Assisting you to get through this time by  modulating your bodies response to stressors.


Appointments available

via phone

or zoom

(online video call)

Meet Sam

Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy

Member of NHAA

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct method of primary health care, an art, science, philosophy and practice of diagnostic treatment and prevention of illness.

There is no “one size fits all”, in Naturopathy we look at the whole person, the past and the present, addressing the cause and not just the symptoms.  

Taking an integrative approach, always looking for  the root cause, incorporating herbal and nutritional medicine along with sustainable lifestyle advice whilst nourishing body, mind and soul so that you may begin to once again flourish.

My practice is predominantly telehealth (video consultation) for your convenience, if you would like to have a chat and see if I am the right fit for you then I can offer you a FREE 15 minute complimentary chat via telephone or zoom.

I look forward to working with you, as you take that first step towards reclaiming your health.


I am a passionate advocate for women's health specialising in anxiety, depression, stress and the transition to menopause and beyond!

There is no doubt that modern day women are exposed to unprecedented levels of stress, resulting in our increasingly weary bodies simply unable to keep up with the energy demand and steadily becoming more exhausted and anxious than ever. 


Never-ending responsibilities and commitments can lead to us not only feeling worn out, but they also have a huge influence on our mental wellness.  We may become irritable, withdrawn, fearful, unable to sleep, experience changes in our appetites and bowel motions to name just a few. 


For each person stress will manifest itself differently, however long-term stress and the fatigue that comes with it can impact your whole body and may lead to burn out as well as an increased risk of infections and serious disease.

So how can you escape this cycle? 

By working closely with my ladies, I am able to formulate a plan of action that is tailored to YOUR specific needs.  Book here and begin reclaiming your health.


Services offered

My Women's health clinic is based in Brisbane and is predominantly telehealth, enabling me to work with clients Australia wide as well as those based in the United Kingdom.

Upon booking you will receive an email with a  link for your video consultation via Zoom. 

(Zoom works on Mac, PC and your smart phone)

Mobile consultations in Brisbane's Western suburbs are available upon request, 

please contact me via email; hello@samlluisenaturopath.com.au

Payment plans for packages are available via EzieDebit

Please click  here

Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation will be for 90 minutes, this allows for a comprehensive exploration of your health concerns, taking into account your previous history as well as any recent pathology you have.

We will make a short and long term plan of what we are going to implement to reclaim your health.



Harmony Bundle

Ready to begin on your journey back to health and vitality?

Package includes;

  • 1 Initial consult

  • 2 Return consults

  • 1 personalised 2 week meal plan

 Option to  pay on instalments

via EziDebit.


What Clients Say

“Thank you Samantha, for the first time I feel heard ”

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