Empowering women to reclaim their health 

with an integrative mind, body and spirit approach.
Addressing the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.
"Healing without side effects"

My Women's health clinic is based in Brisbane and is predominantly telehealth, enabling me to work with clients Australia wide as well as those based in the United Kingdom.

Upon booking you will receive an email with a  link for your video consultation via Zoom. 

(Zoom works on Mac, PC and your smart phone)

Mobile consultations in Brisbane's Western suburbs are available upon request, 

please contact me via email; hello@samlluisenaturopath.com.au

Payment plans for packages are available via EzieDebit

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I hear you..

To the woman who has lost her spark.

To the woman whose get up and go, has well and truly got up and gone.

I hear you.

Do you remember when you used to laugh?

To bounce out of bed with a smile, a spring in your step?

Ready to face the day; without the overwhelm, the rush, the exhaustion?

You can reclaim that!

You really can.

I have been where you are; in chronic pain, depressed, overwhelmed

with PTSD, stress and anxiety;  Burnt out!

I am here to tell you that it is possible to reclaim your health, 

it takes hard work, it's not a quick fix, there is no magic pill,

but you CAN do it.

Are you ready to take the first step?

My personal battles and experiences have made me an empathic

practitioner who holds a space and really HEARS  her clients.  

Book your appointment and start the journey, to reclaim YOUR health!

Services offered


Consultations are conducted in the comfort of your home, online via zoom.

Payment plans for packages are available via EzieDebit

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Initial Consult

Your initial consultation will be for 90 minutes, this allows for a comprehensive exploration of your health concerns, taking into account your previous history as well as any recent pathology you have.

We will make a short and long term plan of what we are going to implement to reclaim your health.


Harmony Bundle

Ready to begin on your journey back to health and vitality?

Package includes;

  • 1 Initial consult

  • 2 Return consults

  • 1 personalised 2 week meal plan

 Option to  pay on instalments

via EziDebit.


Hair 500 Biocompatibility Program

Using a small sample of your hair to ascertain exactly what foods and household items are compatible or incompatible with YOUR body. 

Tested against 500 different products in order for us to determine and incorporate a personalised plan for YOU.  


Hair 500 Biocompatibility Bundle

Biocompatibility testing with a

30 minute consult

and a

4 week individual meal plan (based on results)


What Clients Say

“Thank you Samantha, for the first time I feel heard ”

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